Rocket Run 1                                                                                                       
RR: 8.0
So, SLAM, inspired by the "Rocket Arena" mods for our bloodier brethren on Quake III Arena (and his own thoughts before he encountered it), has built an exciting new arena for us, with triple strikes, hypershots, a whomper, and no health.  With a main open-plan killing ground, with stairs to higher galleries, plus one smaller side-area for the whomper, this is one mean place to visit.  No need to take a packed lunch - you will be too busy fighting!
          So, likely to be one of our top destinations?  Probably, though it lacks the friendliness of
, Hall of Giants or Forest.  Like one of my favourites, Luna Bonus X-2, the fighting here will be frantic, and fifteen minutes would be just about enough to wear any player out.  This is a map you need, even if you ration yourself to only a few new maps - so click on our "Download Now" button and grab yourself a copy, if you haven't done so already.