Ride the Dragon Remix                                                       
RR: 8.0
Another top-quality remix from Tux_the_Penguin and Tmon.  It looks great, with some lovely textures imported from Quake III.  The realism of a couple of piles of builder's sand and gravel really caught my eye!  This is not a very large level, set in a modern... factory?  Office building?  But it plays very nicely, if you bring a few friends with you.  Jump out of windows, into the yard, and dash along corridors, round corners... it all seems very realistic, and you can certainly imagine a "real world" nerf game taking place here, if perhaps not with the owner's permission!
          It is a very nicely done remix, though the map on which it is based is not the most original one ever created.  That said, it is certainly worth adding to your portfolio.  Just don't expect to see (or ride) any dragons!  Or is that title a drugs reference?  Well, maybe we'll find this map addictive...