RR: 7.5
From Sharpknux, a variation on Forest really.  The sides are the same, the sky is still blue though a little "tiled" when I visited, the grass is as lush as ever.  Instead of the mixture of trees, felled logs, bushes to hide in, and a stream, instead here we have carefully planted rows of thick trunks, all lopped off at about twelve feet.  Great for hiding behind, and giving lots of possibilities for interesting gameplay; apparently it is possible to get on top of these massive trunks, too, as there are some power-ups waiting for you.  On the negative side, that old "Sharpknux lighting" means that your weapon is in silhouette - people too sometimes.  And the screenshot shows that the green in the foreground isn't behaving itself - clipping?
          Well, Forest is one of the most popular arenas, much more so than other maps which probably took SLAM ten times as long to build; it makes sense to take inspiration from it for further fun and games.  There are enough space stations and strange deserted factories, as well, so it's fine to get out into the fresh air here.  So, good thinking...a map that ought to be pretty popular!