RR: 6.5
Ions, the provider of the "13th Monkey" server (with Tiggy's "fat boy" mod), makes his debut as a maker of original maps, with something suitably unambitious, just to check that what he is doing works, I guess!  Far better to start with a "quickie" than to spend weeks toiling over something massive, only to get an "error" message at the end of it, or a "RR" of 2.5!
          So, there is always a need for small maps that can be used when somebody in the main server says "Fancy a one-on-one deathmatch?"  Try that in Tweety's Hallways of Heaven or Orbitspire and it's five minutes of searching followed by ten seconds of rocket exchange...repeat until you both have fallen asleep!  Four rooms, neatly linked, useful weaponry, some rather clever texture effects - yeah, if this is the sort of quick map Ions can give us, I look forward to his major projects.