Pyramid Remix - BETA                                                                        
RR: 4.5
Now available from SLAM as well as Missing as Boomslang, or maybe Tricky, was called at the original time of writing), this has to be the "buggiest" map yet, with all the ceilings tending to flicker and repeat off into infinity and beyond - but then, this is just the beta version, as soon as Missing can "beat" the problem, we will be a lot happier.
          So, the shape is a pyramid, with four floors, and access via a central shaft that, instead of housing an elevator, has, er, "virtual water" in it so that you in effect "swim" up or down.  Nicest touch is the ballzooka and its ammo, which instead of being in a pack, is neatly laid out individually next to the weapon - 52 balls in all!  Fall off the outsides of the levels and you die.  This probably will play pretty well, but I think I would advise waiting for the final version, or you could easily get a headache here!  Still, it is always good to get a new map from Missing; he has done a lot for our game.