Pure NRG                                                                                                               
RR: 6.0
Pure energy?  That makes it sound like a full-speed blast-'em-up, which this isn't.  It is an original map, from http://www.topfx.com/purenrg.zip or your favourite downloads page; it is also completely
, so we do not know who made it or posted it!  It is small, with only a wildfire in one of the two rooms and a triple strike in the other.  One room has a small elevator to a gallery level; the other has a table.  Both the rooms, and the short bits of corridor linking them, are decorated in a rather vibrant shade of green, and they both have pictures hanging on the walls, which is cool..
          So, pleasant enough to investigate, but unlikely to be a top destination for massed battles.  It ought to work okay for two or maybe three people; if you like to collect all the maps, dive in, but if you pick and choose, this might not be very high on your priorities.