Project Moon                                                                                                         
RR: 8.5
An all-new, all-original map from Mr.BoBBo, with a couple of rather neat surprises.  It is very slightly like a small Hall of Giants, in that there is deep space outside the main fighting area, and at least one part of the inside has low-gravity leaping.  There is one "gate" entry to the main room, from outside; it doesn't seem to be connected to the room directly, as the other, hidden, way out from the indoor suite takes you to a different bit of space entirely, the actual space outside the suite.  There is a whomper to be found, if you can keep your jumping in check, and other weapons and ammo.  And a hidden "control room" has plenty of goodies in it, too!  It ought to be possible to fight out there, as well as inside, but that is something I have not yet been able to check out.
          Mr.BoBBo's original maps are progressing well.  Not as ground-breaking as Dodo's or as large and ambitious as Reaper's, but occupying a middle ground. Strangely, until recently he had had very little experience of actually playing other people's new arenas, so while this is his nicest work yet, I think we have got a lot to look forward to from him, as he gains in experience.  I do hope he keeps the maps coming.