Pressure Remix                                                                                                    
RR: 8.5
Policer_O joins the ranks of the map-remixers.  He is another player familiar with Unreal Tournament, so he was able to pick a good map to remix.  Well, it is another disused, mysterious industrial plant, but it has three levels with elevators, and it has a water tank and water tunnel, and various places for jumping across, so we can forgive the original mapmaker if he wasn't really giving us a ground-breaking new concept.  He was giving us a good place to fight, which has to be important.
          Where the remixer comes into his own is with the textures, and the weapon and power-up choice and placement, and really Policer_O has done an excellent job here.  Like most industrial plants, especially the mysterious, abandoned ones, there is grime here, and rust, and nameless stains, and faulty lighting, and full marks for getting the surface of the water to look so scummy!  There is no megajump, and I don't actually remember seeing a whomper, but everything else is present and nicely placed.  And there is a room you can dash into, with a shield, a megapower, a doubler, and more!  I'll just go in there and - what's happening?  It's going all red, my arm's stretching, warping...
          Heheheh.  Cus fell into my trap!  Just hit the button on either side of the room, and watch through the window as your victim balloons up - and is blown away!  This has to be a first for nerf - no gore, but  definitely a cool effect.  So hustle over to Policer_O's files, or the usual download sites, and get ready to have a "swell" time!