RR: 7.5
Hey, it's a pit - you fall into it.  A rather fun map for two or three players, constructed by Skippy from an original concept by Emu Lord.  There is a smallish grassy area surrounded by walls of cloudy sky (cue wind sounds), and through a small doorway you gain access to the top of a pit.  There are plenty of nice big stepping-stones to leap about on, gathering weapons, shields, megapowers - you know the sort of thing - but one false step and you take the fall!  I timed it at eight seconds to reach the bottom.  That probably won't kill you, especially if you have 200 health and the shield, as you make a nice splashy landing.  In boiling lava.  Swim around for a few seconds as your health runs out, and start at the top again.
          On a brief visit, FeEdiKo, Thunderbird and I found it curiously enjoyable.  You just about have time to type "Wheeeeeeeee!" on the way down, which can't be bad - so go on, take the plunge...