PingPong ][ Remix                                                                                  
RR: 6.0
From Tmon and Tux_the_Penguin, the son-and-father team behind Underground - a completely different sort of arena!  Best described as a simplified version of SpaceNoxx without the hole in the middle, you have four levels which you can access using bounce-pads.  I haven't seen a shield, a wildfire or a Nerfcannon, but our other friends seem present, including a hidden-away teleporter to give an easy route to the top!
          If you downloaded this before lunchtime on September 24th 2000, you may need to update from version 1.0 to 1.1; check the ReadMe, this should tell you.  Anyway, this looks as if it should be a popular level, so check it out.  But a space setting without any planet in the sky?  How unusual!