Phobos Remix                                                                                            
RR: 7.5
Another Lucky remix, of his favourite UT deathmatch arena.  It plays well, I am sure, but it is a bit "buggy", particularly looking at the door with red decoration on the upper level, and, at certain angles, the plain-slab door lower down behind which some useful stuff, such as a shield, is hidden.  Or not hidden!  At one angle, the door and wall vanish.  There is a mirror - but bend forward, and the top of your head vanishes, which is a bit unsettling! These things can happen, when doing a remix, it seems.  A revision has apparently cured these minor problems.
          The arena is as seen in the UT demo, but it seems a lot friendlier with the Nerf weapons in place.  We are in space, in some sort of manufacturing facility. Go out on top and you risk being blown off into the vacuum, but there are plenty of short corridors, corners, stairways, lifts, and places to jump down, which makes it look like a good place for a small number of players to have a good battle...which has to be the main thing.  Why a rig named "Phobos" after a moon of Mars appears to be in orbit round Jupiter, though, is anyone's guess!