Peak Remix                                                                                                              
RR: 8.0
Lucky presents us with another interesting location, very high on a mountain peak.  Not a place for anyone with vertigo, a fear of high places (and falling off them), because while you can move around inside the multi-level building, using staircases and a pair of stone elevators, a lot of the pick-ups and power-ups are outside, on balconies or a network of ramps - and you don't get a handrail to grab hold of!  Even inside, one shield is placed so that a false step will send you hurtling down a shaft to certain doom!
          The wind whistles, some not very friendly birds caw close by, and the rockscape laid out in all directions is bleak and forbidding.  It all looks very good, and it should play pretty well, for a fairly small group of players.  Too big a number should try a larger map, but for a brisk battle, this looks like a pretty good place to come.