Pahgio Remix                                                                         
RR: 8.0
From Tux_the_Penguin and Tmon, another of their beautifully remixed and lovingly textured playing arenas... and if I say this one seems strangely unfinished, that is only because the arena is supposed to be a bit of a building site!
          So, lots of beautiful stone and metal texture work, lovely flares (the glowing effect round the lights), and a two-level map, with all the weapons, plus doubler and megapower, in suitable places.  It looks like a map that will play nicely, a bit more open than some; the outside part is a suitably messy building site, obviously well turned over by heavy machinery, and full of gravel.  Inside things are obviously not finished; here a paving slab is out, and over here a large sheet of wood covers some hole, or spans a gap.  If you have downloaded the other true-to-the-original remixes that Tmon and Tux have been making, then you will need no recommendation from me before rushing off to the site of your choice and clicking to download this one.  Otherwise, well, I recommend it: and if you like it, well there are others by the team that you will like too!