Overlord Remix                                                                                           
RR: 7.5
The Iron Wolves Clan start their website with a bang, with in their downloads section a huge Unreal Tournament remix by Lucky - 2.93MB!  It seems to be part mine, part grim defensive fortification on a grey northern coast, and there are some very cool touches.  The massive gun that fires regularly, with such a recoil that you are almost knocked off your feet.  The room full of teleportation portals...   And all the weapons and other goodies seem to be around, and there are mirrors, and ramps, and corridors, all in grim concrete and grey metal, and a singularly uninviting ocean to swim in.  One drawback with an arena this size is that you need a few players there or else, like for example "Hallways of Heaven", you can dash around for a long time without meeting anybody else, but if you have got a team together, this looks like a fine place to hold a battle, complete with sniping towers and the beach to storm.  This is very much a "traditional" UT level, on a grand scale, but it is cool to have it available for Nerf ArenaBlast as well, so well done Lucky, and let us remember to check up on the new IW Clan site regularly to see what else they come up with.  We have put a link to their site on this page, and of course it is on our Links page as well - isn't everyone?
          - All of which is very much "of its time" as reviews go.  But the fact remains that this is a cool remix and a fine place to explore and, given a suitable number of like-minded individuals, fight in.  The Unreal Tournament version is a particularly brutal Assault map; getting off the beach, when you come ashore from the landing craft, can take many many re-spawnings!  In NAB, without mortars and automatic gun-positions, things are a bit more civilised.