Ocean Remix                                                                                               
RR: 8.0
Or "Ocean Floor" - third time, Lucky, another UT remix available from the Iron Wolves.  We arrive in a large undersea complex, with different levels and rooms, plus all the little extras we know and love.  Swim out, in much the same way that you can from Frigate's frigate's lowest point, and you can swim up to a submarine.  One main room there; with a door at the far end I couldn't immediately open.  Nice chances for combat, including in the ocean, though you had better grab a megapower as after a few seconds without air you start to lose points alarmingly swiftly.  For team play, an assault on the base from the sub is a good battle to be in; I have played with three per side, and it was a most engrossing adventure!  Another top-class map, certainly.
          This is based on an "Assault" Unreal Tournament map, where you start in the submarine, and attack the base below, trying to destroy all four computer control positions.  You don't get this with NAB, unless you have a very careful agreement before starting a team game I guess, but it does make a good place for general battle, including in the ocean itself - which is where we took the screenshot this time.  As a clan the Iron Wolves may be a fading memory, but their main members, Lucky and Reaper, certainly produced some arenas that have stood the test of time!