Oblivion Remix                                                                                                     
RR: 8.5
A second excellent remix from FeEdiKo, of a distant relation to Hyperblast Remix; Fee tells me it only took him an hour, which shows...well, that different people work at different speeds, I guess.  If you have fought against Fee, then you will know that he moves pretty darn fast!
          Captain's Log, stardate 11012000.  The USS Oblivion is en route at maximum warp to the Federation colony on Nerf Prime, carrying vital medical supplies.  But a strange energy-beast has affected the crew - and they are all running about with nerf weapons, trying to shoot each other!  We only have a scattershot, a pulsator and a wildfire weapon on board, but luckily there is plenty of health to be had...
          Well, something like that.  Not a huge arena, but an enjoyable one, with some splendid visual effects.  Unlike Hyperblast, you cannot actually go outside the vessel, but this is a minor point.  A good addition to your portfolio!