RR: 7.0
I think it was in the later days of World War II, when the German offensive called "The Battle of the Bulge" was going rather well, that the attacking German forces sent a message to the American General, suggesting that he might like to consider surrendering, as his situation was hopeless. 
Black Dragon
has taken the U.S. commanding officer's one-word reply as the title of his new original map.
          Actually, the version that I played was not entirely finished, as BD decided to make a couple of changes (nothing to do with the fact that I was pretty close to level with him...); please note also that it makes use of the all-purpose new textures file tlabcomp, which you can get with some other maps, such as Gladiator Dome; it is so big (2.82MB) that it isn't worth including it with every downloads file.
          Steps to climb, spherical combat chambers, a pit to fall into, platforms to jump up, using the megajump, to get to the power-ups, a pair of useful arenas at opposite ends... definitely a useful type of deathmatch environment.  At the moment it needs health, a way out of the pit (either by elevator or death-by-lava, but having to hit tab, type "suicide", and enter, rather disrupts the flow), and another respawning point or two, but it is well on the way to being a fun place to fight in!