No Exit                                                                                                                 
RR: 7.5
High concept from Mr.BoBBo here - a map that looks as if you are playing in a public lavatory (men's restroom, bathroom, whatever...), with the general use of the Asteroid-texture floor tiles!  Being Asteroid-themed, you get lava too of course, and there are even some points-targets to make everything seem more official.  Mr B has decided, quite rightly, to have secret doors in all his new maps now, and if you find the right bit of wall, climb the stairs, and clamber through the air-conditioning ducts, you can get to the scattershot, displayed in a way rather reminiscent of the
home turf.  And there is a teleportation platform which takes you up into the rafter space, where the shield, megapower, doubler, and other goodies can be grabbed.  While you can drop down through a few of the wider gaps, it is easy to get yourself helplessly jammed in a crevice, so using the teleporter to return is what I would recommend.
          So, a nice size of arena, which plays pretty well, if you take a few friends along with you.  As he has become more experienced, both at building the arenas and from visiting other people's, Mr.BoBBo's arenas have been improving nicely...not that they were ever less than good!  I think
may be his most popular map still, or the Faces of Faraoahns remix, but this one is certainly well worth getting.