Night Op Remix                                                                    
RR: 7.5
From B-Ball, an interesting luna-textured remix, with a nicely atmospheric amount of mist.  This is only thick in one particular room, and elsewhere just tends to make the weapon you are carrying appear as black.  It may, as mist does, slightly slow things down, but only very, very slightly, at least on my machine. 
          There are three levels, with useful ramp access between them.  The whole thing seems to work fine, though one does sometimes wonder what difference using these ready-made Nerfish textures does make, as in Unreal Tournament this may appear grim and gritty, stained and rusty, while here it is as clean and bright as a new pin.  After all, our Fetid Sewers Remix looks like an advertisement for toilet cleaner, while the screenshot I have seen for the UT original lived up to its name!  Anyway, lots of corridors to run along, and a few other players on the scene should make for some trigger-tweaking surprises as you go.  So, another good arena to choose from - I guess we must be living right!