Nerf Plaza Remix                                                                                    
RR: 7.0
You remember the Nerf Plaza, from playing offline, where you stroll from one arena to another?  Well, so does Spike, and he has turned the peaceful scene there into a potential battleground.  There are lots of weapons and ammunition, plus the doubler, shield and megapower; you can re-spawn on the roof along either side, and you can enter the outer foyers of the various arenas, though the teleporters don't work so you don't get to the actual "ready rooms".  There are points-targets, including a 1000-point target that re-cycles rather faster than that type usually does, and, apparently, there is a Big Secret: if you solve it, a message will appear, and if you then tell Spike about it, fame and fortune are assured.  The outer doors of the various Arenas don't slide back automatically, though you can jump through the Barracuda windows - I hope I am not giving too much away if I say they open when shot at!  This should make an interesting place to fight, and Spike and Ranger have made this map particularly easy to install; after unzipping, it automatically leaps into the Nerf maps file!