Nali Temple Remix                                                                                           
RR: 8.5
Tmon and Tux's latest remix has a textures file bigger than the actual map file, and you can see why when you open it up...lush is the word, very much in the Quake III Arena style.  It is a gorgeous place to explore, with all the weapons and power-ups; the megajump is near enough to the platform with the megapower on it to allow room for error, which is good, and I am assured that the Bots are working well here, after a little assistance from Tiggy.
          Great lighting, a suitably atmospheric sky with Jupiter large and luminous, a fine bounce pad that "boings" beautifully, and the look of a Quake III level - how could we go wrong?  Curving corridors, rusty gratings, even a place where the paving has been torn up, stately staircases... Tux_the_Penguin and Tmon are really getting rather good at doing remixes.  I wonder what an original map by them would come out like?  I think it is probably approaching time that they showed us!
       Please note that you need the texture file quake3a to run this map, and it is not generally available since Id Software "cracked down" on the use of their Quake III textures in other games...