RR: 8.5
How cool is this?  Inspired by his previous low-gravity creation jp36, Blue_Ghost2 has come back with this larger number, taking everything good about the earlier map and reinforcing it.  More levels to jump to, more pedestals, more room - and more pulsators!  In a place this big an alt-fire pulsator is no luxury, its high-speed ball-ammo is the only thing that other players can't see and dodge with frustrating ease.
          Techno (as he then was) tried this "more is better" approach with The Chase and The Chase 2, and on that occasion it didn't really work, as the second map was too big, too full of itself, and gave even fairly high-specification computers lurchy, "laggy"-like controls... but this time, no problem...
          So, take my advice and go take a running jump!