Metal Forest
RR: 4.5
Justin has done some rather good-looking re-texturings of existing maps, but I don't see that this is any improvement, visually, over SLAM's original Forest.  The play area seems exactly the same, except for a few of the standard NAB statues - most of them, as shown in the screenshot, surrounding a cache of megapowers, shield and whomper!  Surrounding inpenetrably, as far as I could see...  Oh, and, as well as the dreary (if inventive) colours, the happy stream which gurgles its way through the arena is now quick-killing acid...
          So, when you consider that you have to copy and paste two texture files, adelusion and
, retitling them adelusio and PU-misc-, to get the map to run at all, you must ask yourself, do you really need this grey, unfriendly arena on your list...?