Metal Dream Remix                                                                            
RR: 8.0
Sharpknux has been keeping busy, which is just as well, as other mapmakers seem to have slowed down recently, except for B-Ball.  This is a remix of a fine "domination" Unreal Tournament map, where two teams fight to keep control of three different positions, to gain points; the loss of that particular gameplay takes away a little from the arena, but it is still a nice big map, and very playable.           Okay, so the arena is a big oil rig, in the middle of a calm, but quick-drowning, ocean.  There are elevators from sea level to the middle level and to the top, open level, while it is also possible to jump up onto the roof level.  A tall tower tops things off,and you can get there by using a teleporter, then make yourself popular by raining rockets down on your friends below! 
          So, definite possibilities, and Sharpknux has set things out nicely.  I guess the UT version is more detailed and realistic, but, that is the nature of things, and you have got everything here you could wish for...except working "domination" points of course!  The square sky-lights add a nicely "unworldly" touch; my own theory is that they are giant Earth-orbit reflectors, positioned to bring light to the nightside and cut down on the use of outside electrical light by bouncing sunshine that would otherwise miss the planet.  Could they be focussed on farming areas, to speed up the growth of crops and keep the planet fed?  Or, on the other hand, did Sharp just not get around to fully-texturing a moon?
          I am not sure where the "Dream" part of the title comes in, but there is a strange other- worldliness to a big oil drilling platform, all alone out at sea.  It is out there, just waiting for you and your trusty triple strike...