Merry Christmas                                                                     
RR: 6.0
Another of these retexturings of an old, old map: Orbital Bonus this time, by our friend Icedude.  Please note that you will probably need to download a couple of texture files, available from SLAM:
and pu-tl-out.  It seems a lot of work to go to for a map that you have really already got, but hey, it is Christmas, and it has snow!  And a strange effect where, when you are on black stone flooring rather than the snow, points tick away at a slow and steady rate, one by one, even while you are waiting for the game to begin.  The stone is slippery, too - black ice?  The use of the Tycoon "team" animation ensures that your computer is kept pretty busy, so you may get a very slightly "laggy" response - but if you liked the original arena, chances are that you will soon get fond of this one as well!