Mazon Remix                                                                                           
RR: 8.5
Or "Mazon Fortress", 2.02MB of a rather promising arena from Lucky, whose mission in life seems to be to stuff our map files until they burst.  The main fortress is large, on two main levels, including a back area with a lethal pool of acid...fall in there and you can't get out before all your points are gone, and you are well and truly "slurped"  - a description previously used in the first version of Deck16 from Missing!  But there is more - in front of the fortress there is a deep moat, with access to the fortress again at one end, and something useful at the other.  Cross the bridge and, hidden behind a rocky outcrop, you find an armoured personnel carrier.
          A large arena, then, but generally a fairly open one - no endless maze of corridors so that you never see the other players.  A good number of  our weapons, plus shield, megapower, health, megaspeed, a couple of whompers, so no complaints there. I like an area of glass floor that also acts as a mirror - look out for that!  Perhaps, if I was technically adept enough to do this sort of thing, I might have used more stone and less of the stud-textured metal that rather too many arenas use, but that is the only tiny quibble I can come up with.  I have already had some good battles here; it took me a while to find the elevator that provides access to the roof, and the catapults which, sadly, do not manage to launch a player into the air, but finding new aspects to an arena is all part of the fun, right?