Arena_12 Remix                                                                                           
RR: 8.0
A first map from Thunder Clan stalwart Diablo, and it isn't a remix from "UT" - it takes its original from the "first person stabber" "The Wheel of Time", a swords & sorcery extravaganza: which may explain the map's alternative title, the one you see on the server listing, Cacophony of Silence.
          Going by the demo, the original would have been a massive-stone castle, with a few useful spells and potions dotted about.  Diablo has not taken the obvious course of copying the original textures using the NerfEd stone and brick surfaces; instead, he has opted for a more high-tech metal look, which works surprisingly well, and really goes better with the nerf weapons and power-ups.  This is not a particularly huge map, but it has a basement (with elevators - which perhaps give a pointer to the map's medieval origins by being hauled up by cables at the corners), it has a ground floor, and, using stairs, an upper gallery floor.  And it is just about possible to leap onto the fortress wall at either end, using the megajump!  Just about all our favourite weapons and power-ups seem to be here, and it seems to play very nicely as a fast-fragging free-for-all, with plenty of possible strategies as you scuttle from shield to megapower trying to avoid whomper rounds.
          So, if you find Morbias or Fractal a bit simple these days, check this one out; it ought to become a popular location for battle!