Matrixed Remix                                                                                     
RR: 8.5
From Sharpknux, another The Matrix-inspired arena, with the office block and that big hall downstairs with the pillars and the metal detector...and more besides!  You get streets outside, you get an underground "tube" ("subway") station, with entrances at either end and, if no actual subway train, at least the sound effect of one approaching...and the sound of a ringing phone, and various suitable text messages.  Why, the office block has lots of floors and elevators and cubicles, with lots of computers...and like any office, most  of the screens are showing that the workers like to play Unreal Tournament on their breaks!  You can even get up on the roof in a couple of places - and there is a helicopter waiting up there.  There are lots of cool touches in this map, including cash machines, payphones, and office equipment.  It seems a slight shame that the helicopter's main rotor is represented only by a rectangular semi-transparent sheet, rather than something circular or even, like Fee's HoverCraft, lethal rotating blades - but this is a minor quibble.  Only the smaller characters can actually get into the helicopter's cargo bay, which is fine by me!
          So, a nice big complicated place with lashings of atmosphere, for a fine fighting and exploring arena.  The new "sounds" file makes it slightly more complex than usual to get installed, but it is well worth the effort, trust me...