Arcane Temple Remix [2]                                                                           
RR: 8.0
While he has done original maps, this is the first remix by Sharpknux, and a good-looking one it is, too, with a small outdoors section (which I suspect a more experienced remixer might have included a moving waterfall in), plus plenty of interior rooms, ramps, pools, and corrridors.  One pool-connecting underwater swimway is invisibly blocked; as this happens from both directions, it may be a design feature rather than a bug, and is certainly no problem once you know about it.  This also applies to one grassy corner of the main pool surround - step on it and you find yourself in the water straight away! 
          Generous weapons and power-ups, a fairly open plan, nice airy textures - I would call this a success, and well worth adding to your portfolio.