Alien Planet                                        `                                                             
RR: 6.5
Justin has retextured Skyscraper Arena here, and obviously had a lot of fun doing it; you don't pick up a Wildfire, you pick up a "Tamefire", and most of the other information announcements have been similarly changed.  Until you pick it up, the whomper is a tiny, insignificant weapon; pick up the TS and you are cautioned about using alt fire too much!
          Sadly, the textures include the team videos, as viewed in the old arena lobbies when you touch the pictures, and other dazzling, constantly changing bits and pieces.  This puts an awful lot of strain on your PC, as with the original version of Elsinore Remix, so that controls are soft, or "laggy" - and at one point my computer disliked the experience so much that it crashed.  If your machine is made of sterner stuff, give it a go, because it is fun, and you know your way around even if all the textures do look wild.  The points-targets are gone from view, but if you remember where they are, you should still be able to hit them; Justin assures me that there is a special "hidden" target there somewhere as well! And you get 73 points when you open the door to the shield...
          So, the textures are gloriously over-the-top, wild and crazy, but you know your way around here well enough, so can still play.  It is certainly an experience!