Air Beta                                                                                                                        
RR: 6.5
Or "Air Rage", another original Dodo composition, stretching the boundaries of good nerf.  Had you ever wondered what a nerf battle would be like at 10,000 feet, on the roof of a speeding airliner?  No, me neither.  For a miracle, Dodo hasn't used the same old stud-patterned grey metal finish, and the top is nice and flat, in a purply sort of way - except for the tail-fin of course.  And there are wings to jump down onto, though getting back onto the fuselage might be a problem, and some other small bits with useful stuff on them, but the main place to fight is the top, flat bit, and weapons for a good old free-for-all are provided.  In a two-man fight, FeEdiKo was really unstoppably going bananas, but the addition of B-Ball improved the game greatly - like, I actually started to score some points!  It was fun, and it was different, and, hey...
          Great clouds, Dodo!