Aggressive Tendencies Remix                                                      
RR: 8.5
A fine large new remix from Thunderbird, with a suitably complex three-storey building facing onto a nice warm pool of lava.  The main "selling point" here is a very cool flying disc-elevator, to take you from the ground level, just above the lava, straight to the top.  There is also another flying platform inside, which, with a little care and attention, will take you to the triple strike.
          However, I feel it is my duty to warn you that you may have difficulty in using the cool flying disc, because Sammi has claimed it as her own, and is extremely choosy about who else she allows on it.  Thunderbird, since he remixed the map, has been allowed on sometimes... but otherwise, tricky...
          Anyway, this is a nice, spacious map with a number of interesting bits, with plenty of ramps, corridors, stairs, and suitably out-of-the-way corners.  Thunderbird has done a good job in giving it attractive textures, and of course in choosing it in the first place, so do add it to your collection!