007 Temple Remix                                                                                           
RR: 7.0
- Or just "The Temple" on the server listings, based apparently on a level from the classic N64 game "Goldeneye".  This is a first remix from Tiggy, and a very nice job he has made of it.  The temple is large, with many corridors, which have many false endings - stand close enough and the apparently solid stone will grind back, allowing you to continue!  The place is slightly misty, though nothing like as extreme as the TechComb fog, and this certainly adds to the atmosphere, making it reminiscent of the James Bond movie.  Pitfalls, lots of corridors, our usual megapowers and so on - and, a nice touch I thought, you find that the spare ammo next to a weapon is not the ammo for that particular gun.  Too often things are made too easy for us, it is perhaps slightly for a map maker to dump rockets by the triple strike, and so on...
          So, a very nice large arena here to explore.  Tiggy may not say much, but he knows how to make a good arena for us!