007 Basement Remix                                                
RR: 7.0
This is an unfinished map, in that Assasinator intends to add another level to it.  It is based on a level in the Goldeneye game; he copied the actual map from the strategy guide onto graph paper, and then used that to lay out the, um, layout in NerfEd.  Full marks for initiative, and it opens the way to translate any mapped "arena" from any first-person shooter into Nerf, if people have the time, patience and enthusiasm.
          As it stands, this is a perfectly reasonable brick-lined basement, with narrow corridors and lots of twists and turns.  You get the shield and the doubler, but only half the weapons; the triple strike (and its ammunition) gets hidden away in a secret room, though this has been given two concealed entrances.  Just stand against the wall in the right places and the bricks slide back!  It is all a bit of a maze, with dead ends and very few landmarks, so adding an "above ground" level will be a great improvement.  Not a greatly inviting arena on its own, but nicely done, and showing that the newest addition to the NAB team of mapmakers has a good grasp of how to create a decent arena.